GSoC Week 8: Wolf of Wall Street

Written on July 21, 2019

So I finally took some rest from implementing weapons based systems and started implementing ‘Market’ Module and meanwhile, also created a Towers module to push my tested code.


Markets form a quite basic module that all other gameplays can adopt. There is always supply and demand of items. I had to implement markets in such a way that they don’t hinder the gameplay speed much. So the implementation had to be such that people can buy items within one-two clicks without wasting much time.

I have added Market module in the form a screen which appears when you click a button (‘Z’ in this case). The screen has items icons listed in the left. Click them shows their details in the right column and you can buy the item by clicking the buy button.

One major setback here was that the ItemIcons are not interactable. So clicking them doesn’t result in any function callback. Luckily, I found UIInteraction Wrapper widget written by @jellysnake, which eased the process.

PR: Basic Implementation for Market #1


“We are in the endgame (for Towers) now!” So, after weeks of discussions and trying various things, I settled down for this particular implementation of towers.

You can a single block as TowerRoot. You can place it at any strategic location you want. This block is interactable. You can interact with it to activate it. Activating displays the prefab for the tower and also adds periodic action to the tower entity to search and attack enemies at equal intervals of time.

I plan to add a separate Targetor module which has all sorts of enemy targetting techniques. There is an Alteration Effect module already present which can be used to apply different effects to enemies. Both of these modules will increase the flexibility of forming different types of towers.

PR: Basic Implementation for Towers #1

What’s Next?

I would try to finish implementation of Towers by adding dependency to Alteration Effects and Targetor modules as soon as possible. Once this is done, I will have to make LightAndShadow gameplay depend on Towers module and customize it. For markets, I have to add a system to check if a player has required amount of items to buy a market item. I am planning to finish this much by end of coming week.