GSoC Week 11-12: EndGame

Written on August 18, 2019

Phew! Today marks end of 2 hectic weeks! The final submissions open tomorrow as I near my project completion. Read ahead to know what’s done and what’s left.

Custom Minimap Icons

PR: Add support for custom icons for players #12
PR: Added hearts and spades icons for minimap #31
PR: Integrate minimap with LASTeam based icons #104


PR: Add Alteration effects and Impulse based weapons support #43
PR: Added custom staff textures #32
PR: Add LaS Themed Weapons! #33

World Generation

PR: Implement LightAndShadow Capture-The-Flag World! #105

Market Integration

PR: Add remove command #1

What’s Next?

Two cards remain pending on my Github board which are basically integration on Towers and Market module into Light And Shadow repository. I will complete them ASAP and write my final project blog this week!